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The Galapagos Islands are situated on the equator, just of the coast of Ecuador, in the Pacific Ocean. Unspoiled and substantially uninhabited, they posess an amazing beauty where nature has been allowed to evolve naturally. This is the region which inspired Charles Darwin to develop his theories of evolution! The wildlife here is unafraid of human life resulting in an incredible opportunity to be observed and photographed up-close and natural. The photos in this gallery are but a small sampling of the wonders of this amazing place.
Soaring  in the Mist - GalapagosLonely Tree - GalapagosTwo Sentinels - GalapagosThru the Fence - GalapagosNeed Rain??  -  GalapagosCactus on Lava - GalapagosSally's World - GalapagosAdrift No More - GalapagosSharp Welcome - GalapagosAt Day's End  -  GalapagosSentinel - GalapagosBlue Footed Boobie Mating Ritual - GalapagosPink Flamingo - GalapagosPelican Resting - GalapagosOyster Catcher - GalapagosDarwin Finch - GalapagosBluee Footed Boobie on Perch - GalapagosGourmet Touch - Cactus Finch - GalapagosFrigate Birds - Galapagos

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