James Johnson FINE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY | Maritime Fishing Villages
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A visit to the fishing villages of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Acadia National Park is an invitation to go back in time. They represent an era when things were simpler; when a living and a lifetime could be made from fishing and the Sea was king. It is a land of infinite varieties of color, of fishing trawlers and of lobster traps. The photos in this gallery will give the viewers a sense of many of the wonders of this region.
Blue Rocks at SunsetBlue Rocks in Morning MistSouthwest Harbor, MaineLifting Fog Southwest HarborBlue Rocks Fishing BoatsAt AnchorStonehurst in Morning FogLunenburg at NightPeaceful Fishing VillageAt The DockThru The WindowPeggy's Cove - Toward the SunsetPeggy's Cove - Toward the Sunset 2Peggy's Cove - Toward the Sunset 3Peggy's Cove - At AnchorThree Little Fishing BoatsHiding OutOrange BuoyAbandoned BoatPaint on Old Boats

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