James Johnson FINE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY | Florida Everglades
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The Florida Evergaldes, the "River of Grass" is a very special place. It is a story of water, grasses, mangroves, cypress trees, bromeliads, orchids and other vegetation to diverse to imagine. It is home to wildlife, both avian and aquatic, including, of course, alligators. The photographs in this gallery convey much of the essence of this unique landscape and the wide variety of life it supports.
Dwarf Cypress LandscapeDwarf Cypress and Prairie SawgrassesSeasonal Mangrove SwampThe Resting PlaceEssence of the SwampBeggining of the Rainy SeasonSwamp SerenityCypress at HomeWatery HomeAbundant GrowthGuarding His TerritoryYoung GatorThe CatchIs It Safe?Favorite PerchAccompanimentGreat Blue HeronWhite Heron and CypressThe Landing

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